"Loser! Loser! Loser! Loser!" - The Losers naming their team name after Loser

Loser is the Team Leader of "The Losers!", and the one they had named them after.
He first appeared as a cube in Puzzling Mysteries to represent a loser, thus this is where he gained the name "Loser".
In BFDI 4, he is a contestant in the season and became a team captain by his everloving fans. Speaking of fans, Loser has a lot of them. They love him and he loves him back.


Due to his respectful nature, it keeps his fans fans.
He try's to help in any way possible, and there's no way he could refuse a cry for help; fan or not. If brought up his status, he'll be modest about it; Though, he won't deny any compliments and will compliment the person back As aforementioned, he won't refuse a cry for help, but he also accepts small tasks like saying hello to a fellow fan.


He's a beige cube with a scarlet outline.
He's shiny according to how he's shaded. He has black limbs and his face is also coloured that way.
His arms start at the middle of his cube faces, and his legs start at the edge. All known photos on him don't have a clear indicator of where is face is implanted.

He speaks with a raspy and weak voice- and while it is charming, it an unfortunate reason for some of his haters.

Skills and Abilities



I was lucky enough to get quotes from The Losers! about their leader. Here's what they have to say

"Loser's such a great guy!" - Basketball
"Loser? He's my hero!" - Tree
"I'm honoured to be on his team!" - Cake